Welcome to my Posts Page. On this page you can find all the reviews, TBR and Wrap-up Posts I written so far.

My reviews are split into 3 categories. General reviews, Rant & Rave reviews and ARC reviews.

General reviews are very straight forward. I read a book and had enough to say about it for a review, so I wrote one. These will be the most common type reviews you can find here as any book can fall into this category.

Rant & Rave reviews are my personal favourite ones. These are, almost always, 1 or 5 star reviews. For me these are the books I have the most to say about, in the form of a Rant or Rave. Unfortunately the vast majority of books I read end up in the 2 to 4 star category so these reviews won’t appear too often, but when they do, it’s bound to be good.

And finally we have ARC reviews. These are books I have received from the author, or publisher, be it through a book tour or Netgalley. I am always very grateful for the opportunity to read these books. These reviews will always have my completely honest opinions and I will not hold back because I received the book for free.

Both my TBR posts & Wrap-up Posts are very straight forward.

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